How to Choose the Right Party Bus Size for Lifetime Memorable Events

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A party on wheels can be best experienced only when you and your companions are lounging in the back seat! During long road trips with your loved ones, at least one person needs to be sober to drive safely, and it compromises his travel experience. Also, personal cars are not usually spacious and feature-rich enough to give you a feel of a real party. If you want to live the most out of a road trip, a party bus is the best option to consider. Depending on the number of your gang members, a suitable party bus size can be decided from our extensive fleet. Have a look at the options:- 

Pre Booking Tip:- Carefully align your expectations with the amenities package to avoid any disappointment on your special day.

When it comes to hiring a prom or bachelorette party bus, remember that such events have rare occurrences in life, so keep everything well-organized. If you are doubtful about your pre-booking plans, just follow our suggestions. 

Choosing An Ultimate Party Bus For Your Special Day

The Type of Party Decides the Bus Size  

Not only the number of passengers but the type of your party also plays an important role in deciding the party bus size. If it is a family event destined for a sophisticated journey, per person allocated space would be adequate.

However, things can get stretched if you are planning to throw a wild party for special friends. In that case, the estimate of a 30-person party bus size should be given for a group of 20-22 people. 

Interior Amenities Details 

With every bus on our fleet, you will find some distinctiveness even if the seating capacity is also the same. Each bus has a unique ambiance that has been classified with names like Lounge, Gatsby, Versace, Olympus, etc. Apart from interior furnishing and lighting effect, there are various other amenities to keep in mind, i.e. 

  • VIP party bus disco sections 
  • Custom-made bars
  • Large TV displays 
  • Disco floor 
  • Party bus with pole
  • High wattage sound systems  
Considerable Individual Issues:- Clarify in advance if someone has health concerns regarding loud music, lighting effects or other amenities to avoid unexpected problems in the middle of the party. 

Pre-specified Navigation Details 

Make sure that you have carefully specified the navigation details before beginning the journey.

Along with proper instructions follow-up, there should also be the option of trip customization as per your party mood. The Chicago Party Bus company believes in excellent service delivery with on-time availability for pick and drop across multiple locations. Also, we follow timely rest stops during the journey that you have pre-decided. Make a list of some beautiful locations to pin to your journey map. They will turn your party into an everlasting memory. 

Food and Beverage Stock 

Clarify in advance whether the luxury party bus rental service providers are accountable for food and drinks or not. If it is up to your arrangement, start shopping days before the party date. Get an idea of all your party companions regarding their preferences, including drinks and vapes, etc. Make sure that you have arranged adequate stock of snacks to avoid any kind of last-minute chaos in the middle of the party. Some information gathered regarding the markets of your pinned stops can also help in ensuring adequate booze and snack supply. 

Budget can’t be Overlooked After a Limit,

Of course, it’s your big day, and it should be celebrated as grand as possible but keep the limits in mind. The party bus size, route, and amenities are the factors deciding the final rate. If you request a quote online and get a budget estimate disturbing your other plans, call us for more personalized assistance. We will customize a package that suits your budget as well as expectations too! 

Now is the time to make your move to book a ride. If bus accommodation is extravagant for your small group, we also offer a Limo fleet. Check out the bling, the seating capacity, and amenities & book the ride of your dreams!